Supreme Halal
Meats & Grocery

Supreme Halal Meats and Grocery is a Indian/Pakistani food store. There are different types of spices, ready-to-eat foods, and groceries commonly used for traditional Indian meals that not usually found in larger supermarkets. Supreme Halal meats also has an on-site butcher who can provide fresh cuts of meat prepared to order.

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Buy Fresh Raw Meat nearest store in Franklin Park NJ

Raw Meats

Supreme Halal Meats and Grocery is an Indian/Pakistani food store.

Visit Supreme Halal Meat and Grocery Store for Frozen Items

Frozen items

Visit Supreme Halal Meats & Grocery for something new daily!

Come and buy general groceries specially for Indian and Pakistani meals

General Groceries

Traditional Indian & Pakistani spices that ain't usually found in large supermarkets.